Nothing ruins travel like having to lug your bags around. Hundreds of thousands of people pass through London every day and many face a common question: where can I drop my luggage off in London? There are no self-service lockers at London stations but there are services out there to make your life easier. There are 2 businesses focused on providing left luggage services across London: CityStasher and Excess Baggage Co.

CityStasher left luggage offers you a range of places where you can drop your bags. These locations are trusted shops and hotels with extra space. Every ‘StashPoint’ has been vetted by the CityStasher team. Your luggage is insured up to £750.

We have venues all over the UK — and are expanding all the time. Check the map for the latest on where storage is available. At the time of writing, there are over 70 venues in London, and over 150 in the UK.

Most Popular London Venues

King's Cross - 24/7

St Pancras - til 11pm

Euston - til 11pm

London Bridge - til 9pm

Waterloo - til 6.30pm

Victoria - 24/7

Livepool Street - til 7pm

Piccadilly Circus - til 5.30pm

CityStasher - The Cheapest Option

CityStasher is by far the cheapest option. Prices are £6 per bag per day — under half the price of Excess Baggage Co (£12.50 per bag per day). You make great savings with every bag you store. CityStasher is fully insured — your luggage is covered up to £750 per bag, against loss theft and damage. This insurance offer is protected by Guardhog and underwritten by Hiscox. CityStasher has more places you can store with — and some of these are open 24/7!

Bear in mind: StashPoint opening hours can vary, so be sure to check these when you book. Many have similar hours to the station, and some are better — open 24/7. You will need to book online. This is quick and easy and a pre-requisite for insurance. Hosts cannot accept payment in store, because of the insurance arrangements.

Other conveniently located StashPoints are:

1. Paddington Station Left Luggage: Leave your luggage at the Shakespeare Hotel, just around the corner from Paddington station, open 24/7.

2. Knightsbridge/Harrods Left Luggage: Luggage Storage at Knights Food Fayre, just a stone's throw away from Harrods. Open everyday of the week until 11pm

3. Holborn Left Luggage: Leave your bags at the Paper Shop, open Mon-Sat 7am - 19.30pm and 11am-4pm on Sundays.

4.Oxford Circus Left Luggage: Drop your luggage at Mayfair Aesthetics and Beauty, a premium luggage storage between Oxford Circus and Bond Street.

5. Vauxhall/Oval Left Luggage: Leave your luggage at the Belgrave Hotel, perfect for a visit to the Kia Oval cricked ground and open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

6. Mayfair Left Luggage: Store your bags at Mayfair Food Fayre, open Mon-Sat 6am-23pm and 9am - 11pm on Sundays.

7. Kensington Left Luggage: Leave your luggage at the W14 Hotel, open 24/7 every day of the week and located just a minute's walk from West Kensington Tube station.

8. Earl's Court Left Luggage: Luggage Storage at Today's Express, where you can drop your bags 24/7 any day of the week.

9. Old Street Left Luggage: Leave your bags at City Tailors, located just a short walk from Old Street station. Open Mon-Fri 8am-19pm.

10. Highbury & Inslington Left Luggage: Drop your luggage at S.T. Food & Wine, perfect for a visit to the Emirates Stadium and open 24/7.

Some Other Options To Store Your Bags

Station Left Luggage (run by Excess Baggage Company)

There are station left luggage facilities at 8 central London train stations. If you’re passing any of these major rail hubs, you can find the facilities within the station and store there for as long as you need.

Cost (per bag):Up to 3 hours — £6; Up to 24 hours — £12.50 £7.50 per additional 24 hours.

Venues: All main train stations. 

Opening hours: Daily 7am - 11pm. Check Excess Luggage website for individual opening hours.

Bear in mind: If you’re dropping at peak times or weekends, there will likely be a queue. Queues at some venues can last over 30 minutes, so be aware if you’re tight for time at drop off or pick up.If you’re storing multiple bags or for a longer period, you could save £10’s if not £100’s by using alternative services.

Access Self Storage at King's Cross

An alternative service at King’s Cross is the left luggage lockers run by Access Self-Storage. At £20 a day for one locker, these are good value if you can fill your locker with 3 or 4 bags, but this depends on your bags’ sizes. You should be able to fit 2–3 large suitcases or 4 small suitcases in these lockers.

Opening Hours: 7.30am — 5.30pm (less on weekends) Located on Belgrove Street, across Euston Road from King’s Cross station.

Costs: £20 per locker per day

Bear in mind: Limited opening times — if you arrive late, you can’t access your bags. Good value if you can fill the locker and only want to store for a day, but otherwise there are better value options. No longer-term discounts. Only one location

Victoria Coach Station

Located 10–15 minutes walk from the main rail station, Victoria Coach Station’s left luggage offers cheaper short-term rates than its counterpart in the rail station. Anyone can use it without a coach ticket. Prices depend on baggage weight, so it is worth knowing this in advance of arriving to avoid any surprise costs on the day.

Opening hours: 7am-10.30pm Located inside the coach station, opposite gate 6.

Costs: Up to 2 hours — £3 per item Up to 24 hours — £7 per bag if over 20kg, £5 if under 20kg Same rates as initial 24 hours apply for subsequent 24 hours.

Bear in mind: Like in stations, customers at these facilities may face long queues and potentially be turned away if the service is full. Although very cheap for up to 2 hours, factoring in queues means you are unlikely to benefit from this deal. No longer-term discounts. Only one location.

Westfield Shopping Centres 

Both Westfield London (in Shepherd’s Bush) and Westfield Stratford City have left luggage offices. These are useful if your visit to London takes you through either shopping centre — however you cannot leave your bags there overnight. It makes a very good option to store bags while you explore the shopping centres, but is otherwise not very convenient.

Costs — Westfield London £3 for a coat £5 for a small bag £8 for a large bag
Costs — Westfield Stratford City Up to 4 hours — £5 (any bag size) 1 day — £10 per bag

Bear in mind: You have to collect your bags by closing time on the same day you store them, no bags can be left overnight. This option is best suited to people who don’t want to carry luggage around while they shop, but inconvenient if you want to venture outside the shopping centre.

Harrods Luggage Storage

You can store your luggage in London’s most luxurious department store — but as you can imagine, you pay a price for it. Last time we checked, it was £20 per item, although if you spend enough there you can get this price reduced.

A great value alternative is CityStasher’s Knightsbridge StashPoint — literally one minute down the road from Harrods. Open 6am-11pm and priced at only £6 per bag.

Self Storage

This is only recommended for visitors looking to store several bags for longer periods. Some self-storage facilities offer a pay-by-the-week scheme but most will offer by the month prices. Typically, prices are obtained on a quote per square foot/metre basis, making it difficult to compare prices (and to work out how much you’ll be able to fit into the available space).

Facilities are often outside of central London, so travelling there and back can eaten into any savings! If your circumstances align well with specific facility’s offers, you can find good prices for long-term multi-bag storage.


Your hotel or B&B (or Airbnb) may be willing to store bags for you. They may charge for this service and will usually not accept liability for anything stored — be careful as you may also invalidate your travel insurance by storing your bags in this manner. You should ask your hosts before arriving as not everyone will provide this service. Many travelers find that the convenience and security of professional storage services can be worth the money, especially if your accommodation wasn’t well located.

Museums and Galleries

It is sometimes possible to leave bags with museums or galleries. This can be for free or for a small charge. However these services are only intended to store your bags during your visit in the venue and you will likely be refused if you try to use these services as a left-luggage service.